Organization of the Alchemy Guild

by Dennis William Hauck


 The traditional or European organizational structure of the Alchemy Guild and initiation into the Church of the Emerald Tablet is based on the three pillars of the kabalistic Tree of Life (shown at left).

Kether represents the Source, the Sun Behind the Sun, or Ultimate Light that is beyond the Guild yet is the ultimate source of consciousness for all its members. In Hermetic teachings, the source of human consciousness is not in the physical body. This Source is beyond duality and is accessed in what are referred to as Light Meetings, which are outside time and space and take place in the purified light of the True Imagination. During Light Meetings, church members connect with the unitary Source and with other members throughout the world, as well as past masters and ancient alchemists.

In operational terms, the presence of Kether is carried and protected by the High Priest, who is considered the "Keeper of the Flame" for the church. He or she has the ultimate authority to hold all members, activities, and publications of the church to the highest standards in accord with its original vision. 

The organization of the church enters the duality (or energetic tension of daily operation) at the level of Binah-Chokmah, which represent the appointed elders or overseers of the church. The church has two priests who carry this archetypal duality. The Lunar (or Binah) Priest represents the conservative, contractive, traditional, legal, and protective aspects of the Guild. The Solar (or Chokmah) Priest represents the liberal, expansive, adaptive, inventive, and experimental aspects of the church.

All three priests of the church are chosen from and are equal members of the Congregation, which is composed of church members representing the functions of Geburah, Chesed, Hod, and Netzach in advising both priests and the high priest. The ideal congregation embodies all the conflicting energies of the membership. Geburah represents the strategic negative, complaining, or contractive opinions of the membership, while Chesod represents the strategic positive, praising, or expansive opinions of the membership. Hod representing the auditing or accountant function and the practical need for marketing and recruitment. Netzach represents the body of volunteers and membership director who carry out the daily work and projects of the church.

In the organization of the Guild, the central pillar represents the expressions of First Matter as it manifests to form the church body. Kether (Light) is the mystical Source of Light that guides the church's intention and activities. Daath (Wisdom) is the accumulated Hermetic knowledge that is part of a hidden Underground River of wisdom that flows unbroken from ancient times. The Tiphareth (heart of the congregation) is the heart of the church, its diverse, inspired, and dedicated membership. Yesod (LIfeforce) is the imagination, work, and determination that members give the church to keep it alive and functioning in the Great Work. Malkuth (Endowment) is the fundamental requirement of collecting donations to create physical buildings and meeting places to create the physical presence of the church in the world.



© Dennis William Hauck