AZoth Diet

by Dennis William Hauck

God of AlchemyWe advocate a non-violent, socially responsible, and planet-friendly diet that consists of 1500-2000 calories a day. This diet is designed to gradually decrease dependence on gross foods by relying more on transitional vegetarian foods, leading ultimately to a spiritual diet based on direct assimilation of energetic essences. This alchemical program is the quickest and deepest-acting way to increased energy, weight loss, and longevity. Working on all three levels of body, mind, and spirit, this program teaches how to supplement physical food with spiritual energy and gradually change-over  to an entirely spiritual diet. One of the most ancient secrets in alchemy is the ability to "live on light" or "switch over to pranic forces."

Much of the discipline for the AZoth Diet is achieved by the practice of fasting, in which one learns to control the cravings of the body for gross food. Fasting is an age-old method for divorcing one’s materiality and invoking higher powers. The two kinds of alchemical fasting are defined by how they last. The purifying Calcining Fast lasts at least five days and causes the metabolic fires to attack one’s fat and tissues in a kind of ouroboric feeding. Such fasting can produce profound changes in the body and mind in a short time. After twenty days, hallucinations and visions are common, and the body reverts to an androgynous state in which men start to lactate and woman grow facial hair and stop menstruating. The Calcining Fast even results in an “ashen” appearance that was so intimately associated with holiness that, according to the Bible, Jewish rabbis sometimes powdered their faces to give them that ashen look.

The less strict Fermenting Fast, on the other hand, lasts at least three days and allows a variety of sustaining fruit and vegetable juices to sustain the metabolism. The goal of this kind of fast is to make a break with worldly habits and sensations and attempt to switch over to pranic or spiritual forces. “If you do not fast to the world,” warns the Gospel of Thomas, “you will not find the Kingdom.” This gentle form of self-denial is an invocation to higher powers, a sacrifice made for the good of the whole being, and is the type of fasting practiced by Native Americans on vision quests. Most of us have confronted the monsters from the deep that appear in nightmares after going to bed with a full stomach. Perhaps going to bed with an empty stomach has the opposite effect. After all, nineteenth century physicians considered the stomach our “second brain,” in which the physical effects of our emotions and thoughts are often expressed as cramps and ulcers. Typically, alchemists (such as Isaac Newton) refused to eat anything when they were caught up in the inspired state of Fermentation. In any case, the tool of the Fermenting Fast is only useful alchemically if it brings us to the edge of our personal reality and opens up an infusion of forces from Above. In the case of the Fermenting Fast, the Secret Fire is as much a metabolic process and it is a type of consciousness.


© Dennis William Hauck